Super lässiges Shirt in überlänge für den perfekten Streetstyle Look.

100% Bio Baumwolle OkoTex 100 - Zertifiziert
Kordel Recyceltes Polyester
Paspel Recyceltes Polyester
Waschen bei 30°C

Hergestellt in Kassel


Super casual shirt with over length for the perfect streetstyle look.

100% Organic Cotton OekoTex 100 - Certified
Cord Recycled Polyester
Piping Recycled Polyester
Wash 30°C / 86°F

Manufactured in kassel

Shirt Neon Lys

64,00 € Standardpreis
19,20 €Sonderpreis
  •   0-3 M 3-6 M 9-12 M
    Chest 44,5cm  17,51in 46cm  18,11in 50,5cm  19,88in
      18-24 M 3-4 Y 5-6 Y
    Chest 54cm  21,25 58cm  22,83in 60cm  23,62in
      7-8 Y 9-10 Y 11-12 Y
    Chest 66cm  25,98in 71cm  27,95in 76cm  29,92in
      S M L
    Chest 84cm  33,07in 88cm  34,64in 92cm  36,22in