Who made my clothes

Knitwear factory

In Saxony Germany the organic cotton is knitted to Jerseys and Sweatshirts.

Textile printer
In the same village, our organic fabrics get digital printed with drinkable organic colors, according to Sophias designs due to the inject-reactive process without adding water.


Fabric & Color: kbA CERES-082, CERES-822045, CERES-076, OCS CU 815404

The collections are produced in a Diakonie suburb with social impact.


The vegan corozo buttons come from a company based in Frankfurt am Main with production in Italy, where the SSE logo get lasered.

Zipper, Yarns, Labels

The zippers, yarns and labels are made of organic cotton, so the collections would be compostable because no plastic is used.


Zippers OekoTex 18.0.45347

Elastic band / Yarns: OekoTex 18.0.45347

Label: OekoTex 4.0.39222

WashLabel: OekoTex S98-0164


The hangtags are made of recycled paper printed in Kassel.

Design, patterns, quality management
Sophia Schneider-Esleben designs all collections, creates the prototypes, patterns, grades them in all sizes and makes the quality check before the items go out to you.

Sustainability is, to work with the same suppliers in a long time relationship. So you can be sure all collections are made fair, eco and with love.



Please wash all items gently, by 30°C/86°F, with organic detergent and only if needet. Please dry on a clothes line not in the dryer.                                      Iron with medium heat       130 – 165 °C / 266- 329°F.

We love to save energy and water.

Since June 2019 we are PETA Vegan Approved

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