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How art becomes fashion

Sophia Schneider-Esleben revives watercolors and drawings by her grandfather, by Paul Schneider-Esleben, one of the most prominent architects of the post-war period, as well as the designs in cooperation with the audiovisual artist, Emil Schult, the "eye of Kraftwerk" by creating their Realizes works of art for her vegan label.


As a fashion designer and pattern director, she has mastered the composition of body measurements and proportions, as well as materials, colors and patterns. It is important to graphically adapt the works in their formal expression to the body. Each design is digitally created in different sizes for its effect. The selection of works of art always corresponds to a new mixture of moods and color trends, whether large or small, linear or flowing, light, dark or pulsating.


On her digital sketchbook, she experiments with her collection designs and the proportions of the digitized works of art, thus transforming art into fashion.


In the next step, the final reports, the repeating patterns for the fabric print, are digitally created. Here she determines how big the pattern will be for fabric printing, how brilliant the colors are, and whether the works have to be graphically adapted.


If all parameters are correct, the files are printed in Germany on organic cotton or in Poland on bamboo using the inkjet digital reactive process, with drinkable organic colors, color and lightfast without water consumption.

Paul Schneider-Esleben

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Emil Schult x SSE

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