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Paul Schneider-Esleben

Just in time for the 100th Bauhaus anniversary, Sophia Schneider-Esleben is presenting her new collection "Homage to PSE".

Paul Schneider-Esleben, one of the most outstanding architects of post-war Modernism, the friend and companion of Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier, was particularly inspired by the Bauhaus.

Sophia chose a few designs, such as the Hanielgarage in Dusseldorf, his pioneering debut work in 1949, which also served as a photo location for her collection and watercolors and ink drawings, which she transformes in her extraordinary collection made with pure organic cotton and organic colours, made in Germany.


SSE transforms the watercolors, designs and ink drawings into innovative, digitally based patterns. From numerous sketchbook from PSE, Sophia Schneider-Esleben scans her selection and makes it into repeats via Photoshop. She prints these with the inkjet digital reactive process on pure organic cotton with organic colours, made in Germany.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-08 um

Sophia Schneider-Esleben admires her grandfather, Paul Schneider-Esleben, for his prominent architect after second worldwar, his ingenious drawing and aquarelling talents coupled with his technical skills, his phantasie, curiousity and timeless visions.


He worked interdisciplinary and holistic, not onlydesigning buildings, but also furnitures right up to an ashtray, inspired by Bauhaus and this was a tradition of best architects.


For the female part of his family and customers he manufactured exclusive jewelry together with the famous goldsmith Friedrich Becker, and brought the precious stons from India and Mexico.


As a collector and mecene of arts he coworked in the 60s with many avantgarde artists like Joseph Beuys and the Group Zero, for "Kunst am Bau“ at the Rolandschool, at the MannesmannHochhaus, first Skyscraper of Europe, with the sculpture from Norbert Kricke, all in Düsseldorf, and at the Airport Cologne with Dinnebiers of "Licht im Raum“ for the lightinstallations.


Sophia Schneider-Esleben met him as a humorous, but strict and persistent grandfather.


As a young girl she loved being in his atelier, painting there and watching him in his working atmosphere.

Watrcolors transformed into TextilePrint

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Wald Muster 49x63.jpeg
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