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Slow Fashion

Slow fashion generally means that this sets itself apart from fast fashion.
The slow fashion industry is committed to fair wages for all textile workers in the supply chain, from farmers to weavers, knitters, printers, tailors, button, zipper, label and yarn manufacturers.

It's about quality and not quantity, because: "Take responsibility for what you wear."


Partners and suppliers

Sophia Schneider-Esleben works exclusively with partners and suppliers with a responsible and sustainable strategy that implement our vision through creativity, innovation and performance in a sustainable way. Our carefully selected supplier network is based in the EU and has a range of qualified expertise that share our values. It is sewn in Lithuania, at 100% WomenPower.

Material policy
Sophia Schneider-Esleben works exclusively with durable and high-quality organic materials such as organic cotton and organic bamboo to ensure the longevity of the product and to protect the planet. Actively sourcing innovative materials that have little to no impact on the planet is an ongoing part of our production development process. The organic cotton is woven and knitted in Chemnitz or in Poland and printed on-site according to SSE's designs with potable organic inks, without the use of water, since these are water-based. All components such as fabrics, threads, buttons, zippers and labels are organic: single-origin, vegan and GOTS-certified, made in Germany.

Animal welfare
SSE does not use any animal products. For example, the buttons are made of corozo. If wool is used, it is RWS-certified (Responsible Wool Standard) or recycled and is therefore PETA-vegan approved.

Chemical Compliance
All SSE suppliers follow the laws and mandatory regulations according to European REACH standards and are GOTS certified.


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