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As the founder of my vegan EcoFashion label, Sophia Schneider-Esleben, Slow • Smart • Eco 2015 and member of the Trend Research Team of VDMD e.V. since 2015, I have been a pioneer for trends on the eco fashion market and developments in the sustainable fashion industry.


Sustainable value chains in the fashion industry
Cradle to cradle
Sustainable production
Collection development: design & production


Heimtextil, “Paths to Sustainability”, Frankfurt am Main 1.2020
Forum Kreativ Wirtschaft "Sustainable fashion is the future", Berlin, 11.2019
Sigmaringen fashion school, "Sustainable fashion is the future", 12.2019
Greenpeace, "Sustainable fashion is the future", Kassel, 6.2019
Designers Open, "Sustainable fashion is the future", Leipzig, 10.2018

Panel discussions

Deutscher Design Tag DT "Bauhaus 4.0 meets Fashion & Textile Design", Nuremberg, 10.2019
Hamburg Architecture Summer "What can sustainable fashion learn from the Bauhaus", Hamburg, 8.2019
Neonyt Fashion Week Berlin "Design for longevity - in a round & digital word" Berlin, 7.2019
Deutschland Funk, "Fur fashion - can animal suffering be avoided?", Cologne, 12.2018


Fashion college Sigmaringen, module for "Sustainable fashion design thinking" 4.2020
AMD - Academy for Fashion & Design, Düsseldorf

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