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Emil Schult x Sophia Schneider-Esleben

Lena Petersen is an illustrator known for her murals. She makes magic visible in pictures, captures the spirit of the times and yet creates a timelessness. Her customers are Sonos Showroom Germany, She Mercedes, Zurich Opera Ball, Audi and Ritz Carlton.

For her winter collection 23/24, designer Sophia Schneider-Esleben is teaming up with illustrator Lena Petersen.

Lena Petersen designs the “Female Zodiacs”, which celebrates FemPower and Spirit, and with Sophia Schneider-Esleben pays homage in which women bundle their signs and beings and use all their inner power for their strategies and thus break stereotypes.

The High Eco CapsuleCollection consists of T-shirts, dresses, blouses, shirts and home accessories, made from organic cotton satin and the essence of Lena Petersen's zodiac signs and visions. What is special is the fine brushwork on night blue, which flatters the wearer.



Zodiac collection Sophia Schneider-Esleben x Lena Petersen, Hemdkleid Hope..jpg

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