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Wear Longsleeve Paula all year long, it is non-seasona and classic, with a indicated turtle neck.


Here's the story behind the print:

To say goodbye to my uncle, Florian Schneider, co-founder and electrical pioneer of the band Kraftwerk, in 2020 I met the artist, Emil Schult, "the eye of Kraftwerk."

He is a long-time friend of the family, so we reminisced about our times together and forged new plans. As a gift he brought his book "Fluxus to Future" with him, 2 kilos of art history by Emil Schult.

As a vegetarian and a friend of beautiful fashion, he immediately supported my sustainable concept of reviving my grandfather's watercolors as a tribute and printing them on organic cotton with drinkable organic colors, PETA vegan approved. He spontaneously offered me to choose one of his art works and add it to my collection.Since the band Kraftwerk will celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2020, as well as with the Vinyl Trans Europe Express, it makes sense to dedicate the LP cover with the TEE train as a logo designed by Emil as a homage to Florian with my new collection.

This is how our cooperation came about.I decided on two graphic variants that I implemented for the fabric print;"TEE big" in the style of the 20s, very straightforward, broken with big curves, which envelops the whole body as a total print.The counterpart "TEE Karo", Emil's wish, were trains going back and forth, which I graphically interpreted in a clear and classic checked pattern.Both prints can be combined in many ways and are stylish even with one another.The colors are not only adapted from the record cover, the chocolatey dark tone is the trend color in winter 2021/22 and a bitter-sweet consolation for the death of my uncle Florian.The collection consists of casual unisex items such as t-shirts, joggers and shirts, mixed with casual-business approved items such as dresses, blouses, skirts and elegant PJ pans, each with an elastic band, suitable for home office, physical meetings, going out or couch surfing.

Longsleeve Paula, TEE Karo

  • 100% organic bamboo woven in Poland

    100% Drinkable Organic Inks Printed in Poland

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