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Sophia Schneider-Esleben offers:


Who I am:
Sophia Schneider-Esleben, fashion designer, seamstress, cutting director, OneWomanShow, fashionista, missionary, trendscout, ...

My label, Sophia Schneider-Esleben - SSE Slow
Smart Eco Fashion, is name and philosophy: sustainable, fair, transparent, vegan, local, unisex, ageless, business and casual approved are keys for me and go hand in hand.

Who you are:

•  Student  with compulsory internship.
•  Background in fashion, bestcase would be sustainable.
•  Smart talent with a high commitment to EcoFashion.
•  Skilled craftsmanship.
•  You are an all-rounder and like to support me in everything that is about to happen.
•  You feel comfortable in a StartUp atmosphere in a mix of relaxed and fast pace.
• You are familiar with Excel and Photoshop / InDesign.
•  You speak German and English fluently.
•  Working from my home office in Kassel is not a problem for you (Yep, I'm a startup).


•  Discounts on all my items.
•  You will transparently experience all areas of my young eco label, design, production, sales and marketing
•  Trade fair appearances, exhibitions, press handling

Be part of my vision to make SSE a real alternative!
Sustainable fashion is the future, be the change now!

Send your CV and application to

Sophia Schneider-Esleben

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