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The organic cotton is woven and knitted in Saxony and printed according to my designs with drinkable organic colors without using any water. All components such as fabrics, threads, buttons, zippers and labels are organic: single-origin, vegan and GOTS certified. Produced in Lithuania with 100% girl power. My collection is compostable because I don't use synthetics. A piece of clothing from me travels from the cotton field in Turkey to my customer only 3,500 km, instead of 65,000 km as in conventional fashion, so I already reduce the CO2 emissions during transport, due to my regional production in Germany, with no air freight. I work according to the C2C principle; Larger offcuts that arise during production are upcycled into accessories, smaller leftovers in Berlin into new yarns/
fabrics recycled. My production is transparent because my QR code is sewn into my items. Customers land on my where all the particulars are described in detail: material, certification, production site, washing instructions. In my studio I work with green electricity. I use recycled paper for my packaging and reuse parcels several times.

If a garment is sold out, it can be reproduced from the original price for an additional charge of only 100€, this takes about 8 weeks.

The Sophia Schneider-Esleben Sustainability Strategy is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is divided into four focus areas: People, Product, Planet and Progress. Our guidelines are substantiated by goals that are consistently evaluated and updated every year.

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