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Fusion Art, Fashion & Sustainability

 I cooperate with curated artists and homages like Lena Petersen, Rana Matloub, Emil Schult and Paul Schneider-Esleben, by using their architectural sketches, watercolors, graphics, logos, illustrations and sculptures
transformed into my own textile design.
In my design process, I transfer the artwork on my formal figures and adapt them graphically.
This is followed by draping on the tailor's dummy, from which the cuts are created.
artists I curate are always compatible with my holistic philosophy.
Made Eco in Germany & EU.

x Rana Matloub

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Sustainable Materials
Organic Recycled

Local Production
Germany Lithuania

Faire und Transparente Mode


Who made my clothes

Kette Der größte gemeinsame Nenner
als Kunstwerk für Dekolletè und die Wand

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